ICGP’17 Conference Scientific program


DAY 1 | 24 OCTOBER 2017


REGISTRATION OPEN (at the lobby of the conference room)


WELCOME SPEECHES (We are starting on time)
- Governor of Ouarzazate Province
- Omar HALLI (President of Ibn Zohr University, Morocco)
- Moulay Abderrahmane Al Adarissa, (President of Ouarzazate City Council)
- Youness BELAHSEN (Dean of the Polydisciplinary Faculty of Ouarzazate, Morocco)
- Mohamed Laghdaf CHEIKH MAOULAININE (Delegate of Tourism, Ouarzazate, Morocco)
- Aili TRIPP (Conference Co-Organizer, University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA)
- Hanane DARHOUR (Conference Organizer, Ibn Zohr University, Morocco)

MODERATOR: Moha ENNAJI (President of the South North Center for Intercultural Dialogue and Migration Studies University of Fez, Morocco)


KEYNOTE ADDRESS (30 min max)

Fatima SADIQI (Professor of Linguistics and Gender Studies, University of Fez & Woodrow Wilson Fellow, Morocco) sadiqi_fatima@yahoo.fr

The Sources of Political Authority in North Africa: A Gender Perspective

INTRODUCED BY Hanane DARHOUR (Ibn Zohr University, Morocco)





Nouzha GUESSOUSS (University of Hassan II, Morocco) nouzhaguessous@gmail.com

Women’s Status Discrepancies in Current Moroccan Society between the Law, Social Practices and Culture

INTRODUCED BY Ginger FEATHER (University of Kansas, USA)



PANEL I.1 Women’s Rights and Activism after the Uprisings

CHAIR: Aili Mari TRIPP (University of Wisconsin-Madison)

Moha ENNAJI (University of Fez, Morocco) mennaji2002@yahoo.fr
Women’s Activism and Gender Relations in Morocco in Post-Arab Spring

Aitemad MUHANNA-MATAR (London School of Economics and Political Science, UK), a.muhanna-matar@lse.ac.uk
Islamic and Secular Women’s Activism and Discourses in Post-uprising Tunisia

Jane D. TCHAICHA (Bentley University, USA) jtchaicha@bentley.edu and Khedija ARFAOUI (Independent researcher) douja_win@yahoo.com
Women's Artistic and Literary Production in Post-Revolutionary Tunisia: Creating a Pathway to Sustainable Democratization?

PANEL I.2. Theorizing Gender and Democracy

CHAIR: Marwa SHALABY (Rice University, USA)

Birte SIIM (Aalborg University, Denmark) siim@cgs.aau.dk
Gendering democracy in times of Rightwing mobilization – intersectional perspectives.

Conny ROGGEBAND University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands) c.m.roggeband@uva.nl and Mieke VERLOO (Radboud University, the Netherlands) m.verloo@fm.ru.nl
Understanding of the Dynamic Relationship between Processes of (De)democratization and Gender Equality Progress: A Theoretical Contribution

Saskia GLAS (Radboud University, the Netherlands) s.glas@maw.ru. and Niels SPIERINGS (Radboud University, the Netherlands) n.spierings@maw.ru.nl
Why Does Support for Gender Equality Vary Between Arab MENA Countries? The Role of Personal Religiosity, Institutionalized Islam, and Democracy


GROUP PICTURE (at the Terrasse of the Hotel)





Aili Mari TRIPP (Wangari Maathai Professor of Political Science and Gender and Women’s Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison)

Global Women’s Rights in an Era of Democratic Uncertainty: Challenges and Opportunities

INTRODUCED BY Katja ŽVAN-ELLIOTT (Al Akhawayn University, Morocco)



PANEL II.3. New Initiatives to Promote Female Religious Authority: Muftiyas, Murshidat and Mujtahidas (Panel funded by the Carnegie Corporation of New York)

CHAIR: Mirjam KÜNKLER (Swedish Collegium for Advanced Study, Sweden) Mirjam.Kuenkler@gmail.com

Lilia LABIDI (University of Tunis, Tunisia) labidi.lilia@yahoo.com
Tunisian Women Judges Following the “Arab Spring”: The Growing Influence of Islamic Notions and the Arts with Regard to the Situation of Women

Irene SCHNEIDER (University of Göttingen, Germany) ischnei@gwdg.de
Family Law Reform in the West Bank, the Qāḍī al-Quḍāt, and the Women Judges of Ramallah

Mirjam KÜNKLER (Swedish Collegium for Advanced Study, Sweden) Mirjam.Kuenkler@gmail.com
Women’s Legal Authority in Islam: Forgotten Histories and New Initiatives

Sarah JACOBS (Princeton University, USA) sj8@alumni.princeton.edu
The Absence of Qadiyat in Israel

PANEL II.4. Literary and Media Expressions of Women

CHAIR: Fatima SADIQI (Professor of Linguistics and Gender Studies, University of Fez, Morocco & Woodrow Wilson Fellow)

Ismail FROUINI (Chouaib Doukkali University, Morocco) ismail.frouini@gmail.com and Abdelkader SABIL (ChouaibDoukkali University, Morocco)abdelkaders@gmail.com
A Voice of Their Own: Gender, Trauma and Resistance in Moroccan Prison Writings

Nawel ZBIDI (Higher Institute of Languages in Moknine, Tunisia) nawelzbidi24@yahoo.fr
Trauma and Exile in Post- 9/11 Contemporary Arab-American Fiction by Women Writers: Laila Halaby's Once in a Promised Land

Douja MAMELOUK (Researcher Le Moyne College, USA) mamelodm@lemoyne.edu
The Dictator’s Granddaughters: Tunisian Women’s Post-Revolution Writing

Ouidyane ELOUARDAOUI (University of California, Santa Barbara, USA) widiane16@hotmail.com
Turkish Soap Operas and Censorship on Arab Television

Abderrahim AIT ABDESLAM (Ibn Tofail University, Morocco) abdoabdeslam@gmail.com
The Image of Muslim Women in French Print Media: Le Monde as a Case Study





PANEL III.5. Re-examining Gender Issues in the Global Turn to the Right

CHAIR: Khanum SHAIKH (California State University, Northridge, USA)

Sheena MALHOTRA (California State University, Northridge, USA) sheena.malhotra@csun.edu
Rhetorical Violence and Strategic Silences: Gender, Resistance and State Violence

Tina BEYENA (University of California, Irvine, USA) tinabeyene@gmail.com
Grassroots Ethiopian Feminist Responses to State Feminism in Ethiopia

Sherine HAFEZ (University of California, Riverside, USA) sherine.hafez@ucr.edu
Taking Resistance Virtually Post-revolution: Gender and Sexuality Online in Egypt

Khanum SHAIKH (California State University, Northridge, USA) Khanum.shaikh@csun.edu
American Muslim Women and the Politics of National Security: Pre and Post 2016 Elections

PANEL III.6. Women and Politics

CHAIR: Najib MOKHTARI (Université Internationale de Rabat, Morocco)

Katja ŽVAN-ELLIOTT (Al Akhawayn University, Morocco) k.zvan-elliott@aui.ma
Delays in Moroccan Legal Reforms: The Case of Gender-Based Violence

Nadia KAMEL (Hassan II University, Morocco) nad.1980@hotmail.com, Amina DRHIMEUR (Hassan II University, Morocco) amina.drhimeur@icloud.com and Khalid TAMDY (Hassan II University, Morocco) khalidtamdy@yahoo.fr
What are the Perspectives for the Evolution of Women’s Political Rights? A Comparison between Morocco and Turkey

Douja MAMELOUK (Researcher Le Moyne College, USA) mamelodm@lemoyne.edu
The Dictator’s Granddaughters: Tunisian Women’s Post-Revolution Writing

Fatima QURATULAIN (University of Oxford, UK) qfatima6@gmail.com
Female Legislators and Female Public Servants: An Alliance to Advance Pro-women Policy Process?

Souad BELHORMA University of Moulay Ismail, Morocco) Belhormasouad23@gmail.com
The Gender Gap in Political Participation after the Arab Spring

DAY 2 | 25 OCTOBER 2017


KEYNOTE ADDRESS (30 min max)

Drude DAHLERUP Professor of Political Science, University of Stockholm, Sweden)

Women’s Contribution to Processes of Democratization

INTRODUCED BY Fatima SADIQI (University of Fez, Morocco & Woodrow Wilson Fellow)





PANEL IV.7. The Role of International Institutions in Fostering Gender Equality in Relation to Democracy

CHAIR: Rita STEPHAN (Middle East Partnership Initiative, U.S. Department of State; Research Fellow at the Moise A. Khayrallah Center for Lebanese Diaspora Studies at North Carolina State University) rita.stephan@gmail.com

Hafssa AIT TABAMOUTE (Corps Africa Volunteer, Morocco) hafssa.tabamoute@gmail.com
Supporting Women's Participation in Local Government in Tinghir, Morocco

Slobodan MILIC National Democratic Institute, Resident Director, Morocco) smilic@ndi.org
Women’s Representation in Parliament

Aimee BRESLOW Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs, U.S. State Department, USA) BreslowAL@state.gov
Women’s Leadership: Theory and Practice

Roula SYLLA (Gender in Governance, Public Governance Directorate – OECD, France) Roula.SYLLA@oecd.org
Gender Equality in Public Life

PANEL IV.8. Democratization, Democracy and Gender Equality

CHAIR: Nawar Al-Hassan GOLLEY (American University of Sharjah, UAE) nhgolley@aus.edu

Sana SAYED , (American University of Sharjah, UAE) ssayed@aus.edu
Democracy When? Latent Female Liberation in Pakistan.

Ginger FEATHER (University of Kansas, USA) Ginger@daveandginger.com
Democratization of the Nuclear Family: A Precursor to National Democratization in Muslim-majority Countries

Hoda Ragheb AWAD (Misr International University, Egypt) hodaawad5@gmail.com
Gender, Women and Democracy: The Role of Women and Women’s Councils in Sustaining Democracy

Zakia SALIM (Rutgers University, USA) zsalime@sociology.rutgers.edu
Women and Land Rights in Morocco





miriam cooke (Braxton Craven Distinguished Professor of Arab Cultures at Duke University, USA) miriam.cooke@gmail.com

Contesting Fatwa 64: Islamic State, Women and Violence

INTRODUCED BY Doris H. GRAY (Director Hillary Clinton Center for Women’s Empowerment at Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane, Morocco) d.gray@aui.ma



PANEL V.9. Negotiating Women’s Rights Globally and Locally

CHAIR: Hoda Ragheb AWAD (Misr International University, Egypt)

Sara AL HARFAN (American University of Sharjah, UAE) s.alharfan@gmail.com & Jeniece LUSK (American University of Sharjah, UAE) jlusk@aus.edu
Arab Women, Western Rights: Assessing the Limits of Cultural Hybridization

Jennice McCAFFERTY-WRIGHT (University of Missouri, USA) jmwright@mail.missouri.edu
“We Have to Achieve our Dreams and our Mothers’ Dreams”: Critically Engaging the Civic Voices of Young Women in Morocco

Ilham BETTACH (Mohamed V University, Morocco) Bettach.ilham@gmail.com
The Burqa Affair in the Kingdom of Cautious Democracy: Delicate Balance between Individual Rights and Group Rights

Kubra GUZIN BABATURK (University of Texas at Austin, USA) k.babaturk@utexas.edu
Muslim Secularism: The Visibility of Hijab in the Public Sphere

PANEL V.10. Women, Peacebuilding and Conflict

CHAIR: Aitemad MUHANNA-MATAR (London School of Economics and Political Science, UK)

Emel Elif TUGDAR (University of Kurdistan Hawler, Iraq) etugdar@gmail.com
Politics of Gender in Iraqi Kurdistan: Resource Curse, Tribalism and Political Culture

Nawar Al-Hassan GOLLEY (American University of Sharjah, UAE) nhgolley@aus.edu
Syrian Women: Hope for Sustainable Peace

Ibrahim NATIL (Dubin City University, Ireland) dr.natil59@gmail.com
Challenges and Lessons: Facing Women in Civil Society, Peacebuilding, Development and Politics

Samah SALEH (An-Najah National University, Palestine) Samah.saleh@gmail.com
PalestinianWomen Negotiate: Resisting the Israeli Occupation





PANEL VI.11. Women in Legislatures

CHAIR: Doris H. GRAY GRAY (Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane, Morocco)

Ella PRIHATINI (University of Zagreb, Croatia) marjeta.sinko@fpzg.hr and Daniela ŠIRINIĆ (University of Zagreb, Croatia) daniela.sirinic@fpzg.hr
In Search of a Women-friendly Legislative Agenda: Case study of Parliamentary Questions in Croatia

Marwa SHALABY SHALABY (Rice University, USA) mms5@rice.edu and Laila ELIMAM (Rice University, USA) le13@rice.edu
Women in Legislative Committees in Arab Parliaments

Bozena WELBORNE (Smith College, USA) bwelborne@smith.edu
On Their Own: Investigating Women Running for Office as Independents in the Middle East and North Africa

PANEL VI.12. Female Participation in North Africa

CHAIR: Rola EL-HUSSEINI (Lund, university, Sweden)

Pauline FINN (Université Chouaïb Doukkali, Morocco) paulinecfinn@gmail.com and Daouia LAABOUDI (Université Chouaïb Doukkali, Morocco) a.laaboudi06@gmail.com
Women's Empowerment and Morocco’s Mosque-based Adult Literacy Program: A Case Study in El Jadida

Rasmus BRANDT (University of Zurich, Switzerland) rasmus.brandt@uzh.ch
Re-defining the National: Gender, Identity and Belonging among Tunisia’s Ennahda Women Activists

Anwar MHAJNE (University of Cincinnati, USA) anwar.mhajne@gmail.com
Political Opportunities and Strategic Choices: The Case of the Muslim Sisterhood in Egypt

Jabrane AMAGHOUSS (Université Cadi Ayyad, Morocco) j.amaghouss@gmail.com and Aomar IBOURK (Université Cadi Ayyad, Morocco) aomaribourk@gmail.com
Analysis of the Emancipation of Women in Morocco: A Comparative Study



DAY 3 | 26 OCTOBER 2017



Panel VII.13. Gender Quotas and Women’s Political Rights

CHAIR: Fatima QURATULAIN (University of Oxford, UK)

Hanane DARHOUR (Ibn Zohr University, Morocco) hanane.darhour@gmail.com
What Do Gender Quota Implementation and Reform mechanisms tell us about the Moroccan Democratization Process?

Marta RAWLUSZKO (University of Warsaw, Poland) m.rawluszko@uw.edu.pl
Promoting Gender Quotas: Successful Feminist Strategies and their Unintended Effects

El Houcine BOUALILI (University of ChouaibDoukkali, Morocco) elhoucineboualili82@gmail.com and Mohammed DERDAR (University of ChouaibDoukkali, Morocco) derdarmohammed@yahoo.fr and Abdelkader SABIL (University of Chouaib Doukkali, Morocco) abdelkaders@gmail.com
Rethinking Women's Political Empowerment in Morocco: Questioning the Validity of Gender Quota

Jana BELSCHNER (University of Bergen, Norway) Jana.Belschner@uib.no
Complementary Advantage: The Interaction of Youth and Gender Quotas in Tunisiae

PANEL VII.14. State Uses and Abuses of Women's Rights

CHAIR: Bozena WELBORNE (Smith College, USA) bwelborne@smith.edu

Zeinab FAROKHI ,(University of Toronto, Canada) zeinab.farokhi@mail.utoronto.ca
The Body as Frontier

Rola EL-HUSSEINI (Lund, university, Sweden) Rola.elhusseini@gmail.com
The Instrumentalization of Feminism by Arab Regimes

Saleena SALEEM Nanyang Technological University, Singapore) issaleena@ntu.edu.sg
The State, Religious Actors and Women’s Empowerment: Higher Education and Muslim Women Activism in Malaysia

Amal MIRI MIRI (Ghent University, Belgium) amal.miri@ugent.be
Bordering Family Life: Tensions Within Marriage Migration Policy in Belgium





PANEL VIII.15. Women on the Frontlines of Resisting Terrorism and Extremism

CHAIR: Tina BEYENA (University of California, Irvine, USA)

Najib MOKHTARI (Université Internationale de Rabat, Morocco) najib.mokhtari@uir.ac.ma
Remapping Radicalism: A Re-Gendering of CVE Prevention Plans in Morocco

Mahjouba KAOUKAOU (Mohammed V University, Morocco) hajibakaoukaou@gmail.com
Gender and Terrorism

Lucky Igohosa UGBUDIAN (Federal Ndufu-Alike Ikwo, Nigeria) liugbudian@gmail.com
The Role of Women in Countering Terrorism: The Nigerian Perspective


PANEL VIII.16. Women's Civil and Political Participation in Nigeria and Morocco

CHAIR: Katja Zvan-ELLIOTT Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane, Morocco

Bashir SA'AD IBRAHIM (Federal University Dutse, Nigeria) bashirsaad@fud.edu.ng
The Marginalisation of Women Participation in Nigeria’s Politics: An Assessment of the 2015 General Elections

Lamidi Kamal OLANIYI (Federal University Dutse, Nigeria) kamal.lamidi@fud.edu.ng
An Examination of Factors Facing Women Participation in Nigerian Politics

Hicham ZYAD (Hassan II University, Morocco) zyadhicham@gmail.com
Civic Education and Gender Equity: The Role of Media Literacy in Female Youths’ Civic Engagement



- Youness BELAHSEN (Dean of the Polydisciplinary Faculty of Ouarzazate, Morocco)

- Hanane DARHOUR (Conference Organizer, Ibn Zohr University, Morocco)




GUIDED TOUR to Ouarzazate famous Atlas Studio and Kasbat Ait Benhaddou